Growing Paranoia

The American public is now experiencing mass paranoia over Russia-gate, hysteria about Russia supposedly corrupting and manipulating the U.S. political system. This panic originated with Obama administration holdovers in the intelligence community who outlined the narrative while providing few if any facts — and it has been carried forward by Democrats, some Republicans hostile to President Trump, and by the U.S. mainstream media,” writes the Global Research.

The Russia-gate frenzy has similarities to the madness that followed the 9/11 attacks when public passions were manipulated to serve the geopolitical agenda of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. In that case, civil liberties that had become accepted norms in the U.S. were suddenly cast aside – and the public was deceptively led into the invasion of Iraq.

Nowadays, the Bill Browder faux tale represents a grave danger for the state of the world and it must be exposed for it was, the Grand Deception, as Alex Krainer wrote in his book. Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax is an excellent book which exposes how narratives are created in the West to demonize and destroy dissenters, in this case Russia.

Never-ending Truth Seeking

Browder made a fortune through his looting of Russia, during the post-Soviet, western-imposed shock therapy regime, through privatization, which did incredible damage to the Russian economy and people, until Putin put an end to the theft of Russia’s national assets. When Russian authorities began investigating Browder’s companies for tax fraud, he invented the myth of his heroic “lawyer”, and used it to not just protect his companies and his ill-gotten wealth, but to lobby for anti-Russian sanctions, the Magnitsky Act. Krainer tells this story in a detailed, but captivating way, going through the fraud Browder has committed in his vengeful attack on Russia.

What emerges is a devastating refutation of the Browder story, which can serve as an antidote to the non-stop demonizing of Putin and Russia in the western media. It would be a good idea if at least a few members of Congress and Congressional staffers read this, before Browder’s admirers among them, such as John McCain, move us from an emerging new Cold War to World War III with Russia,” writes Harvey Schlanger in his recommendation of this timely and important book.